Alignment for Success

Holistic Business Mentorship

One of a kind program for coaches, spiritual leaders and content creators that want to level up their revenuebuild their brandwork smarter (not harder!), and avoid burning out along the way.

Imagine this: it's just three months from today and...

You're living your dream life, coaching and working with your ideal clients.

Your calendar is full of clients you love working with, you have a waitlist full of incredible humans wanting to work with you, you're charging what you're worth (and feel great about it!), and your business flows perfectly, every single day.

You don't have to do any of the mundane tasks you hate anymore, your business is set up to (almost!) run itself, and yet, you still get to do all of the things you love.

What makes all of this better, is that you feel confident, you're owning your power, yet you're still able to rest and recover along the way, and you don't have to grind every single day.


But maybe that seems really far away.

Right now, you may be struggling to get enough clients, or having trouble getting clients CONSISTENTLY.

You might have an incredible program but not know how to market it.

Maybe you have a whole list of things you "should get done" but don't really know how.

You might even feel like it would be so much easier if someone just gave you the framework of what to do.

Sound familiar?


You're not alone. I've ran into the exact same problems throughout my career as a women's coach.

I can't even begin to count the times I've said "this would be so much easier if someone just told me what to do". 

All I felt like I needed was some guide posts on what was important to get done, and I could tackle the rest.

I spent years researching, taking courses, testing and trialing until I built a framework that I could share with others.


That framework is what I used to build the Alignment for Success holistic mentorship program.


Here's The Truth

You can go on with your business operations as is and you will succeed. If you ended up on this page, I know you are a kickass woman in business. You are likely already crushing it in your day to day business.. but what if you could level it up?

Here's where Alignment for Success comes in.

This coaching and consulting program is built like none other because it is built around your energetic ebbs and flows.

The program starts with a deep dive into your business.

We will under exactly where you are right now, and what needs to be created and optimized in order to build a strong foundation to scale and level up your business until you are exceeding your goals.

From there, I will teach you proven strategies for sales, marketing and overall business management that are specific to your offerings.

Each month of working together we will move through phases of:





To build your brand through expert systems, paid and organic marketing and proven social media growth strategies.

I will provide you with tools, software, programs and strategies that you can take with you to grow and scale for YEARS to come.


*Think of it like masculine business strategy meets beautiful feminine flow*

We will level up your business and increase your revenue, using proven marketing strategies from some of the top advertisers and influencers in the world. 

Beyond business strategy, expect to dive into some conversations that allow you to connect with who you are. 


The best part?

The process will FLOW because you will be in alignment with your ebbs and flows, rather than working against them.

Step into your masculine, productive nature AND honor your feminine, goddess nature too. 

Get a customized plan to level up your business, with proven sales and marketing strategies, so that you can stop wasting time and start growing your business.


What's Involved With The Program

An application process and interview is required to join the program.


If your application is accepted, the first step is a discovery call.

We will connect to see if the program and myself are a good fit for your business needs.


Once we have determined we are a good fit, we will schedule your weekly calls and I will complete your social media and online presence audit.


The next step is 90- minute intensive session to get to understand your business.


From there, we will build a custom tailored growth plan that aligns with:

-where your business is at in this moment

-where you want your business to go

-building systems to automate and optimize your day to day


Over the course of 3 months, we will do a weekly strategy and learning session.


Two weeks of each month will be focused on outward productivity and execution and two weeks will be focused on internal connection and slowing down.

Each month is completed with a reflection session.

*3 month commitment is required*

Strategic Growth

Using proven strategies and techniques to increase your email list, social media and brand following, engagement, and bring in more sales, we can grow your business faster and more efficiently than you could ever imagine. 

Business Automation

Start putting workflows in place to make your job easier and allow you to spend more time doing the things you love. Automate your customer's journey, nurture leads and have a plan in place to consistently add value. Get more time to do the things you love.

Sales & Marketing

Put copywriting, sales and marketing strategies into your business that help convert traffic to clients. Sell without having to feel "sales-y" so you can live the life you want to, and feel more aligned along the way.

What's Included in the 3 Month Program:

-one 90 minute business strategy intensive

(normally $200)

-customized 3 month business growth plan

(not available outside program)

-twelve 60 minute recorded Zoom mentorship and training calls 

(normally $1560)

-social media and website audit 

(normally $150)

-software templates

(normally $50)

-ongoing Whatsapp support

(not available outside this program)


Apply Today Get all of This for Only $2250

*currently only 5 spots available* 

Monthly Payment


$2550 total

Apply Now

One-Time Payment


Save $300

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Program Guarantee

I guarantee that you will level up your business and achieve your goals.

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the program, contact me for a refund. 



When you join today you also get:

-3 months FREE access to my group coaching community

(normally $333)

-one 60 minute FREE follow-up mentorship call to be used after the program is complete

(normally $130)


"Working with Brooklyn has been an absolute pleasure. She is a great listener, made me feel very comfortable and remained the perfect amount of professional throughout our sessions. She has a deep knowledge on the things she talks about and doesn’t mention or try to give you give you advice on anything she doesn’t have experience in. Brooklyn has a humanistic approach, she’s is both a gentle, sexual, ever-loving, compassionate angel woman and a go getter, inspiring disciplined boss queen. Both of those energies show up in her coaching in a way that makes you feel like you are enough, whole and have what it takes to change the things you want to in your life."

-Z. Major

Start Your Application Process

The first step is to enter your name, phone number and email below.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your application.

Upon submission of your application form, your information will be reviewed.

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted to book a discovery call. 

I'm Brooklyn and I am so excited to connect with you.

I am a certified women's empowerment coach, an expert at digital marketing, an automation and business wizard, a serial entrepreneur, and a reiki practitioner.

I've been helping entrepreneurs like yourself build their personal brand, streamline their business processes, and increase their revenue faster than they could have imagined.


I help my clients to create, plan and execute successful marketing and business strategies for their service based business. 


I have always excelled in business, sales and all of the masculine aspects of my life, but I always ran too hard and burned myself out.

I would run towards all of my ideas, despite wasting a ton of time on useless things. 

I was totally off balanced and needed to figure out what was truly important.

Throughout the process of business discovery, I also deep dove into my cycle, my feminine and masculine energies, and my shadow. 

Along the way, I found the best tools, the best systems, and learned the best ways to level up any service based business. I put all of that together into my program and here we are!


I built this program for women who want to dominate their business lives but also need a little re-alignment.

It's okay to take days off, it's okay to want time to reflect and it's certainly okay to not need to work so hard, all of the time.

Sometimes we just need a little clarity on how to move the needle forward.

If this speaks to you, I encourage you to take the next steps.