7 Tips for Increasing Your Facebook Ad Conversion


I am a big fan of Facebook advertising and it can be a huge tool for:

-increasing sales

-promoting offers

-getting traffic

-increasing engagement on content

And so much more, but when we are first starting out, it is easy to spend a bunch of money without getting a good return.


Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

As a coach, content creator or spiritual leader, your expertise is likely not in digital marketing. Not to worry, these 7 tips can give you a good idea on how to get the best bang for your buck.

One of the first things to note is that you almost never want to take Facebook's recommendations or suggestions.

Their goal is to keep you spending money, and when you are just getting started, it's easy to not know what is working and what isn't.


When I started out, I was boosting random Instagram posts to anyone on Instagram.

As I look back now, I realize that was a useless strategy because I wasn't collecting emails, didn't make any sales, and all that happened was a bunch of friends messaged me saying "you're paying to share posts?".

These 7 tips are easy for the beginner advertiser to use and also help increase conversions for those that have been using Facebook advertising for a while.


7 Tips for Increasing Your Facebook Ad Conversion

1. Turn off Automatic Placements

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of your advertising. 

When you are on Facebook, Instagram and other websites, ads are being shown to you left, right and centre. Literally.

The problem is? No one really clicks on those randomly placed ads. 


When I go through Facebook advertising with my coaching clients, I always ask if they click on the right column ads.

The answer almost every single time is "they show ads there?". Yup! They do, and they have a super low conversion rate.


Facebook news feed is still, hands down the best converting ad placement. It is also the most expensive, but it is the most effective.

Instagram news feed is a close second, but double check your audience before making the decision to add Instagram.


If you have been advertising for a while and in the process of scaling, you're needing to switch things up, try the other placements. Test one at a time and see if they convert. 

Successful advertising is about statistics and numbers. If the numbers make sense, go for it. When you are starting out, stick to Facebook news feed and Instagram news feed.


2. Only Show Ads to Users on Wi-Fi

This little tip is harder to find, because Facebook hides this option. When you are setting up your targeting, there is an option for "More Options" and it will show mobile devices and a checkbox for "Only Show Ads On Wi-Fi".


It isn't the end of the world if you haven't heard of this before, but selecting to show to users on wi-fi can make a big difference in your ad conversions. 


Reason being, if someone's device is connected to wi-fi, they are likely going to be there for a little while.

We want to have the best opportunity for someone to read your copy, check out your landing or sales page and make a decision.

If someone is looking at Facebook in the Starbucks drive through and your ad pops up, they may still be interested enough to click. The issue is that they may look up before reading the landing page, realize they need to pull forward, start driving and never finish looking at your ad.


Clicking to only show your ads to users on wi-fi will bring down your audience size, so try to do this before you commit to the audience.


3. Include Your Hyperlink Multiple Times

This goes without saying, but your customer needs to see the call to action multiple times. You want to have them clearly understand the ask, again and again.

Include the hyperlink with your call to action a few times in the body of your copy for best results.


4. Turn off Detailed Targeting Expansion

You spent all this time getting your audience perfected, narrowing it down to the exact person that would click on your ad and benefit from your service, and then you throw that all away.

That is basically what detail targeting expansion is.


Facebook will show your ad to as many people as they can that fit in your targeting and then it will start to show it to anyone, with hopes that they will convert.


The purpose behind your targeting is to show your ad specifically to the person that is going to buy. You want to clearly speak to them in your headline, copy and image, and this is impossible to do if your ad is being shown to everyone.


For example, right now, I am being shown ads almost daily that tell me I can get 10 more leads for my HVAC company this week by clicking on their ad.

Let's be clear, I don't have an HVAC company, so either their targeting is off, or they have clicked to use detailed targeting expansion. 

Keep your targeting to the specific people you want to market to, and adjust your targeting accordingly.


5. Include a Clear Call to Action

You want to be very explicit with the instruction for your customer. With any advertising, simplicity is key. 


Tell your customer exactly what to do and what is going to happen.

"Click on the link below to do X"

"Click download now below this video to get your free copy!"

However you need to say it, get very clear on what action you want them to take.


6. Target Only Your IDEAL Client

As you start to explore your Facebook advertising, it can be easy to say "well I can pretty much coach anyone", or "I can work with anyone". 

Although you likely can, there is going to be an ideal type of person, whether that is based off of gender, age, demographic or other qualities. 


Rather than generalized targeting, get very specific on who it is you can serve, so that your market can speak to them. 

Putting out an ad for anyone 18-65+ will never be an efficient option, because you will market to those people differently. How I market to an 18-25 year old is very different from how I would market to a 50-80 year old.


Additionally, if you are continually showing your ads to people that don't care, you are more likely to get negative comments. Sometimes it is as simple as an old, grumpy man that comments something about how you shouldn't be advertising.


7. Keep Headline and Landing Page Language Congruent

This is the last and most important step to increasing your Facebook ad conversion. You're probably asking why and the answer is more important that you'd think.


A few months ago, I got targeted by an ad. The coach was promising a free training and it sounded pretty good, so I clicked "Learn More". It automatically took me to Facebook messenger.

You can imagine how confused I was when I got there. What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to message him? Did he make a mistake? How do I access the training?


This is an extreme example, but our customers can get confused. One way that we can confuse them is to have different language in our headline than on our landing page.

When we are making multiple ads for one landing page, there is a risk of not having our headlines match up, but you must sort this out. 


If a customer sees your ad, likes it and then decides to click on the landing page, but it doesn't have congruent language, they will think something is broken. Either they think the landing page is wrong, or that they misunderstood, but regardless of why, they won't read that page.

You will have that customer bounce from your landing page without reading it, and yet you've had to pay for their click.


Optimizing Facebook Ads for Your Service Business

Honestly, Facebook advertising can be super confusing, especially in the beginning. These tips can help make things easier, and improve your results, but there's one thing that will help even more...


Join my private coaching program. I learn about you, your business and what your goals are, before creating a customized growth plan.

Over 3 months, I teach you expert strategies to level up your business faster, more efficiently and without burning out.

I can walk you step by step through Facebook advertising, teach you how to write compelling sales copy, and help automate your business. 

If this calls to you, apply to join the program. Once your application has been reviewed, I will send you an email to book your free discovery call. From there, we can see if the program is a good fit. 

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