3 Things You Need to Schedule into Your Business


As entrepreneurs, we can easily fall into the trap of thinking that since we work for ourselves, we aren't bound to a schedule.

Let's be very clear, you are able to do whatever you want.

You can run your business freely and as unstructured as you desire, but if you are wanting to have consistent success, you have to bring some of that masculine energy in.

Having a plan, creating some structure and then letting your creativity come in when it feels right can make a huge difference in your success and your revenue.


Why Schedule

We are creatures of habit. When we do the same things over and over again, we drop into flow state and can start to perform quite well unconsciously. 

The same thing can happen in your business efforts, and you can use it to your advantage.


Think about this...

If you get up to your desk at a random time every day, stumble through some emails, maybe post on Instagram or check Facebook ads, you likely will spend a long time doing random tasks before ever accomplishing anything meaningful. 

When you need to really make shit happen, you may sit down at your computer and find yourself struggling to get into a groove.

All the sudden you find yourself checking emails, looking through your feed and getting stonewalled with ideas.

This whole process adds a lot of time, without much results.


On the other hand...

If you create sacred space and time for certain activities, your body and mind will get into the situation and think "hey... this is familiar, I know what to do here".

Even if you aren't feeling on fire that day, your primal body will take over as the "habit" has kicked in.

You can trick your body and mind into being in the optimal state to do what you want, simply by having a schedule.


Here are a few of the most important things you need to schedule for your business AND the common excuses you might have when building your schedule.


What to and What Not to Schedule

I want to be perfectly clear, I do not think that you should build up a whole 9-5, Monday to Friday plan for your work week.

All of my studies into productivity and energy levels, as well as my personal experience can push against this idea.

If we are honoring ourselves, honoring our cycles and truly embodying our divine masculine and feminine, we will realize that a deeply structured schedule is not the way to go.

That being said, I believe there are a few things we need to schedule.


Content Creation Time

You should always be creating and sharing free content. Whether this is on Instagram, Facebook, through your email list, on YouTube, or a combination of all of the above, you need to be sharing content.

Schedule time every single week to simply create. I prefer to have a day set aside for content, where I have nothing else planned, and give myself the option to use it.

There are days where content doesn't flow. I try and yet nothing seems to work out right. THIS IS PERFECTLY FINE.


It is better to have created the space, gave your creative side the opportunity to shine, and had nothing come through, then to not have the time at all.

Way too often my clients will say that they got too busy in their week, and couldn't create anything new. The reason being is that when we have resistance, or are self-sabotaging, we can find hours and hours of other things to do.

If creating content is hard for you, or something that seems to always get missed, you need to be scheduling that time.


The common excuse I get is that "my creativity comes at different times, it's too hard to schedule", and I'm telling you right now that is 100% an excuse.

I used to only ever be able to write and create late at night. No word of a lie, I could sit at my computer for HOURS and I would spend the day looking at a blank screen.

Then, magically, it would be dark and I would be laying in bed, FLOODED with ideas, so much so that I couldn't sleep.


I started building a board of content ideas, and would add more every time I was kept up at night.

I would keep these ideas until my content creation day and then would run towards every single one.

I started getting in the habit of writing my ideas down and actually putting them into action another day and it worked magic. Eventually, I stopped only getting ideas at night, and always had fuel for my fire on my content creation days.


BONUS: When you have a set day, you avoid wasting time on "shiny new ideas" the rest of the week.

Rather than running at every single idea (which some may just be distractions), we are forced to really look at what will move the needle forward. If it doesn't improve your business now, don't do it.



If you are running any paid advertisements, this one should be a no-brainer. You need, need, need, need, to be checking your ads every day or at least every few days.

If you are not running ads, it is still essential to have at least one scheduled time per week to work on your marketing.

For me, this looks like having a day each week to write marketing emails, plan launches, test ads, or whatever marketing needs my business has.


In your business, 80% of what you do should be focused on getting new clients, new prospects and leads. Whereas only 20% should be on retention and client activities.

That 80% is ultimately filling your funnel and is setting you up for continual success for days, months and years to come.

Think of the 80% as being the activities that provide ongoing free value, get your potential clients to know, like and trust you, and paint you as the expert you are.

On the other hand, the 20% is actual client calls, workshops, events and activities spent with those that have already paid you.

If you are spending too much time working on the tasks that aren't bringing you money now or in the future, you may burn out.


A common excuse I hear when it comes to marketing is that we don't want to come off as "salesy". 

The issue is, if we never sell to our clients, they never truly experience the transformation we can provide for them. 


Think about it, if you have incredible products, provide unbelievable value to every client and customer, and you are deeply passionate about what you do, why wouldn't you want to sell?

You have to market your services to actually get them in front of the people that need you.

You are doing yourself and those people a disservice by not getting out there and selling yourself.


Money Days

I cannot stress enough how important it is for us women to have a set money day.

This can be important for both men and women, but there's a few statistics about women and money that I came across that shocked me.


Women are five times more likely to live pay check to pay check then men.

Money is the #1 cause of stress for 65% of women.

Despite being denied more often for loans and mortgages, women actually repay them faster, and have been historically better at investing.


Why are these important? It's very simple actually...

Women only recently went from being property to being able to have property. 

In only the last few generations have things shifted from women being completely, 100% financially supported by men. 

Our great grandparents, or even our grandparents lived in a time where a woman stayed home and the man made all the money to support her.

Since this has changed, women have begun to step into their power with money but we are still facing a massive pay gap, and other power struggles with finances.


There was a study done to determine what men and women asked for when it came to their salaries. Both applied for positions, with equal experience, and the men came in asking for more, while the women came in asking for less.

Then, the participants were given information on the low and high ranges of what an employee makes for that particular position.

After seeing this, women actually lowered what they were asking for.


We have all the information we need when it comes to money, but we need to claim our power with it too.

The one way I claim my power with my money in my business is to have a money day.

Every single Monday (I like the sound of Money Monday), I will do a full overhaul of my business and personal expenses.


On my money day, I look at:

-Profit and loss overall in both personal and business life

-Every receipt and business expense

-Exactly where I spent my money last month


This process initially made me very uncomfortable because I realized there were so many ways I was recklessly spending money. The problem is, we will never know that to be the truth if we don't look.

This exploration into our money, how we feel about it, and how we can be better can make all the difference in your business.


The most common excuse around setting money days is that we don't normally focus that much on money, and that when we do, it's stressful.

If you are facing this, I honor you to take a deeper dive into your finances. If you are feeling resistance, it is because you found a place of growth.

You need to truly own your money in order to truly be a badass boss bitch.

You got this.


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